10 Lamest Dooms: Number 10 Friendly Vampires

With the world ending in December of 2012, giving us just about one year left, according to the end of the world nuts anyways, I decided to compile 10 of the lamest ways we could possibly go out. Counting down one doomsday a day until Christmas.

I was going to save this one for the number one slot; then realized some people would probably find it to be an awesome way to go. But it would still cause the writers of twilight and true blood to be right. And that would be lame.

Friendly Vampires: Vampires turn out to be real, but we’ve been desensitized to them to such a point that when they decide to show up, the worst threat they will face is accidentally being stabbed in the heart with a pencil while being glomped by all the squealing schoolgirls.

No girl would again willingly have sex with a human; because there’s no way a human can compete with super-human strength, and endurance. Heck, there wouldn’t even be a group of guys trying to reclaim the girls, because hot vampire chicks will probably be around to keep them busy.

The only ones of us not shallow enough to fall for all of this probably don’t quite fit the physical requirements of being vampire hunter either. There’s a lame end of the human race for ya; willingly going extinct because actual reproduction isn’t the most fun anymore.

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