Azure Dreams PSA: Don’t throw away your Palunpa

Starting out your journey in Azure Dreams, a retro game from the PS1 era, the first monster egg you find is on the first floor, and is always a Palunpa. This monster with no magic, and critically low stats in every category is literally called the weakest monster in the world by the in game monster book.

The idea that the Palunpa is not even worth hatching is ingrained in new players from their very earliest moments onward. Infact, some players joke about the idea of a Palunpa only self imposed challenge.

However, you would do best not to throw away that Palunpa egg you get at the start of the game. Don’t hatch it right away; but do not throw it away either. The humble Palunpa is actually one of the more useful monsters in the entire game for a a couple reasons

1: Availability. The Palunpa is always in the egg you receive the first time you enter the tower on the first floor. Assuming you can get out alive on your first trip you are guaranteed to have a Palunpa. Additionally, you will get a Palunpa egg from town related events later on as well. You cannot say that about any other monster in the game. A dragon may have great stats and powerful magic, but you might reach the top of the tower before ever finding a dragon egg.

2: Magic. I said earlier that Palunpas have no magic. This.. is only half true. All monsters have magic, but for many monsters, their magic is hidden. For these monsters, you must fuse them with another monster lacking magic to unlock it.

Fusing another monster into Palunpa unlocks it’s hidden magic Deheal. Healing magic is only found in three other monsters, all three of which are much harder to get your hands on than Palunpa.

If you keep your Palunpa until you have reached floor 12 and located the Blue Collar, you will have easy; and guaranteed access to DeHeal. While you can simply take this magic and fuse it into a stronger monster to act as your healer, I think Palunpa needs a little bit of credit. That little guy has a good bit of hidden potential.

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