Bob the Archaeologist 2

Bob the Archaeologist was the first game I’d made that was somewhat successful. It went somewhat viral, and accumulated about a million and a half plays. Since then I’ve gotten better at game design, and made another platformer, Sapphire Slime, which also got a bit over two million vies. None of the other genres I’ve made games in have even reached the ten thousands, so I figure either I had two convenient flukes, or I am good at making platformers.

So, this is a bit of an experiment, a sequel to Bob the Archaeologist using what I have learned about game design to make a more polished game out of it. Still working out what kind of additional Mechanism I will add to it to make it more unique, but the unusual treasure hunting will still be a major part of the game design.

You will have normal levels, which you can progress through as before, completing each level by finding the treasure chest. However, unlike the original, instead of separating each level with a story screen wall of text, you will progress straight to the next level. There will be a journal you can open by clicking on it to go to other levels or look at pages of Bob’s Diary which will be filled in as you locate hidden treasures scattered throughout some of the levels.



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