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Novacorp guide to surviving Zombies Part 1

We here at Novacorp enjoy the benefits of a staff that doesn’t drop dead immediately after the introduction of various threats to our immediate surroundings. This is in large due to our efforts to educate staff in survival techniques for situations which one may occasionally run into on the job. We have now decided to […]

16 Diamonds, Parody of 16 Tons

Some people say the game really rocks Everything made from pixels and blocks Pixels and blocks and undead roam A couple odd walls that I call home Collect sixteen diamonds, what do you get? Another damn creeper and a fiery pit. Herobrine don’t you come for me I spent all day on the game over […]

Worst party ever

The players sat around the table, as the GM set up his reference shield and sorted his papers. Once everybody had settled down, he requested that they pass him a copy of their character sheets so he could begin the game. DM: You are each standing in the church hall, the high priestess is there […]

Hopper 5

“What do you mean we aren’t searching for him?” shouted Val, as he slammed a hand onto the desk. He was a slim, tall man with short white hair, his shoulder width was exaggerated slightly by the long red duster he wore. Under the jacket, he wore a plain gray shirt, and black pants, with […]

Unstoppable Lance 2

Lance ran about two blocks before seeing what the source of the commotion was. Three gang members were surrounding a single lady to mug her. He kept quiet until he got closer; in order to avoid spooking them away before he could catch them. He walked up behind the men, signalling to the lady to […]

Dream Journal 2

We were having a meeting. Our station was almost entirely compromised. Mind controlling aliens had been taking over crew members left and right, and they were spreading like wildfire. Once again, the representative from Earth urged us to sign over control of the station to him so that if the rest of us were compromised […]

The Dream Journal 1

So, Sometimes I have dreams that are strangely story like, or seem interesting enough on their own merit that someone could conceivably be as interested in reading them as any of the random stories I write. Whether that is a good thing or a bad thing is yet to be determined. I was investigating a […]

Unstoppable Lance 1

It is said by some that human evolution stopped because we made technology to adapt our environment instead of adapting ourselves to suit our environment. The evolutionary stagnation built up over time, and seemingly all at once, perhaps triggered by some unknown force, human evolution took place at an alarming rate. It wasn’t anything special […]

Tifa, Behave.

The battle wasn’t going too badly. They had already knocked down the first Boundfat, but after taking a hit from Ice 2, Cloud didn’t want to take any chances. “Tifa, Cast cure on me” he called over as he began preparing himself to attack. He almost winced when he heard her reply. “I can probably […]

Zombie Night

Dreaded night, horrid night All is lost, zombies rise Rounds of ammo stored and piled Weapons gathered heavy and mild Zombies burn for peace Zombies burn for peace Deadly night, terrible night Undeads moan at your sight Bullets stream from turrets afar Tell the ghasts Hasta la vista! Molotovs make zombies burn Molotovs make zombies […]

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