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Hopper 5

“What do you mean we aren’t searching for him?” shouted Val, as he slammed a hand onto the desk. He was a slim, tall man with short white hair, his shoulder width was exaggerated slightly by the long red duster he wore. Under the jacket, he wore a plain gray shirt, and black pants, with […]

Hopper 4

A few more days passed slowly and uneventfully. Hopper tried to stay near the feeding place, since he didn’t want to risk overexerting his side unintentionally. Many people might think it is a good thing to stop feeling pain, but in truth, without pain to stop you, you could not only injure yourself unintentionally, but […]

Hopper 3

Everything was black. As he began to slip back into consciousness words whispered in his head. “Don’t open your eyes” “Why not?” He thought back lazily, his mind felt like it was floating, slipping around. every thought seemed to be covered in soap, and slipped away when he tried too hard to get ahold of […]

Hopper 2

Hopper grumbled to himself, why couldn’t there be an easier way to get through this? Suddenly from not too far off, he heard a sound, looking up he saw a group of teenage boys attacking another bane! Growling to himself he started to move closer “Hopper, you can’t interfere, its against the bane rules to […]

Hopper 1

As a special note, in this book the scene may switch between the physical plain and the mindscape. This will be represented by three * symbols Chapter 1: Hopper There were voices. That was all he could tell. Uhg, what happened? He couldn’t move.. couldn’t see.. “It looks like he will be able to recover […]


The first post of this story is the longest, as it is a collection of all the posts before updating the site. Suffering from amnesia, and torn from his own world, ‘Hopper’ finds himself moving from world to world in an effort to stop the universes from merging into one and causing total chaos.

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