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NASA drops the fireball on Thursday’s Meteor

This last Thursday, a massive fireball lit up the skies. Numerous eye witnesses reported seeing it, with some even claiming to have heard a sonic boom following it. Blogs lit up about it, a security camera caught it, and NASA has said nothing. It is currently mid-monday, and NASA has had the last three and […]

Returning game posts to this blog

As I had mentioned earlier, Blogger is awful. Since I still hadn’t found a partner, and thus have no reason to keep my game design posts segregated, I will begin posting about my projects and projects on this blog again. The main project I am working on now is an idle game revolving around hats. […]

A tale of two blogs

For the last while I have had very infrequent updates on this blog. this is actually this time less to do with being lazy as having to update a different blog. Working in a team, I wanted updates related to that team up selerate so as not to imply my personal wotks snd opinions are […]

Dueling: Is it really abuse?

So here I stand on the controversial side of what most people would probably think isn’t even a debate. Perhaps it’s because of the lack of information available, or the one sided style of the articles I’ve read on it, but something about this story really trips my bullshit-o-meter. So, apparently there is this family […]

Just incase..

So, I get a TON of spam messages in my comments, and sometimes they are written well enough that I do wonder if they might have been misplaced by my spam guard. However, one major detail always stands out; these comments don’t tend to mention anything from the article specifically and can usually be applied […]

More news

I hadn’t been able to post my new youtube videos onto the main site’s ‘latest’ section due to FTP being down; so I wanted to go ahead and mention real quick here that there are new videos there. As well, I’ve been practicing my artwork some more; starting with the base body; which resulted in […]

updating the site is down apparently

I have been wanting for a couple days to add something new; but apparently there has been a security leak in the service i use to update the site. Until it is resolved I will only be able to post blog posts.

Update pattern

I’ve been trying to come up with a pattern that works best for updating. I had a good stretch before tiredness from the bedbugs stopped me. Then thinking about it; while i hadn’t missed an update for months, I had only posted Alicia comics to the entire site, which is about a little more than […]

bedbugs stink

So, if you visit here often, you’ll probably notice a lack of updating. you can blame the bedbugs, still trying to kill them off, but it’s been a lot of back and forth fighting, I think i’ve got them mostly beaten down, but they won’t go completely away. It keeps me up most nights and […]

So close..

Had a good string of steady updates going for a while, but now I kind of feel sapped from stress. due to timing of bills and rent, I’ve had practically no money at all even for food for the last 3 weeks. This has lead to me eating a lot cheaper than even I am […]

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