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More artwork updates

Another artwork update today, one manip, and one original drawing. Both can be found in the art section over here

More manips

Got three more manips added to the art section. You might have noticed a lot of the manips are MC themed, this is partly due to my interest in it; but also because I can’t think of any good manipulations that aren’t MC themed. At the moment at least. You can find the pics in […]

New images

Have five new images in the artwork section. Hopefully people are used to checking the blog for the new updates, as it would be rather tedious to change the front page to include the latest on every section of the site. If you’d like a swift path to the art section that was updated; here […]

Progress and problems

Got a new computer, which is slowing me down while I try to get everything installed back onto it. In the meantime, I’m multitasking flash videos and trying to figure out a way around the 2 megabite limit on uploads through the FTP client I’m using. Don’t really like redirecting anybody who shows up to […]

Flash video: The end of Hyrule

I finished the previously mentioned flash video, and it has passed at newgrounds with over 3 points when it left the evaluation period. That’s a personal best, I even got the green coloration in the portal which was really nice so get. The video will be up on the site tomorrow, when I can get […]

New content on it’s way

This week has been just terrible, my room mate has had one SL event after another scheduled to keep me off the computer I make things on. Meanwhile my attention has been focused hard on a flash video I wish I could have been posting on Thursday but is till not yet done on Sunday […]

Dying pen tablet and windows

Just a short update/rant, I’m sure you’ve all noticed that Fail hasn’t updated in a little while. This is due to an issue I’m currently having with my computer. In order to make the smoother and regular lines you see in the current comics, I use flash and draw with a pen tablet. However, for […]

DRM responsibly.

Because so many companies have done DRM wrong, some people have begun to consider DRM completely evil, and that it should be boycotted out of principle. Now, I’ll be the first to say that DRM such as SecureROM which is only a single patch away from hijacking computers with nothing users can do about it, […]

Something to show

I’ve been working on a human model to improve my 3D art skills; but figure since it’ll be a little while til I can show it (you work on the anatomy without cloths first then build cloths around it) I figured I’d make something a bit simpler to show off. The full sized version can […]

Are you sure that’s the language you want?

I’ve had it smugly chimed to me before that English is, in fact, not the most widely spoken language in the world; Chinese is. With a whopping 1.2 BILLION speakers, while English has only in the 300M region. English is even beaten out by Spanish in number of speakers! Then my mind started churning… doesn’t […]

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