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Alexander IV: Rogue Legacy’s failure of a Boss

I don’t think I have to search very hard to find someone who will agree that Alexander IV is unfun. In fact, of the number of people who have beaten Alexander, almost all of them say in the same post as thier victory post that they *never want to fight him again* often even saying […]

Frozen was kind of.. meh

I finally got around to seeing frozen, since it became available on Netflix. I’m a bit too big to fit in the tiny seats at my local theater comfortably for hours. I am actually kind of glad for that, as it would have been an even greater disappointment if I had spent the money to […]

Smartphone game review: Burger

Now, when I saw this game in the new section, It immediately reminded me of Burgertime, an unusual game with an addicting gameplay where you try to drop giant pieces of hamburger ingredients down while avoiding various food themed monsters along the way. You had to stay one step ahead of these monsters as one […]

Diablo 3 review

Diablo 3 has been out for a little while, and I am a bit late writing a review on it, as I had been playing it almost nonstop since it’s release one month ago. That might be an indicator as to how good it is, as most games i tend to either beat in a […]

Review: yurbuds ironlock earbuds.

A bit ago, I got some earbuds so I could listen to the radio on my iphone. These advertised a ‘twist lock’ feature that apparently results in them not falling out, even under stress. Then shows pictures of people doing various highly athletic activities, implying that the earbuds do not mess around. So, I tried […]

Shortest review in the world: Tap Ranch 2

It’s farmville. If for some reason you actually want a real review: It is a game where you plant crops at the cost of ingame currency, let them grow, then harvest them, despite that a ranch is the animal equivalent of a farm and so you would think the focus should be on raising animals. […]

Review: Tank Fury 3D

Trying out another iPhone game, this time it is Tank Fury 3D. It is a multiplayer game, but does provide a practice mode for offline play, and you will need it. Not because the players are extremely good; but rather, because you aren’t likely to actually get into a room to play in. There are […]

Review: Stupid Zombies

When I first glanced at this game, it looked like it would simply be a tap zombies on the screen to kill them sort of game. Fortunately, I decided to give it a try, and was pleasantly surprised to find that it was more than that. This is a sort of physics puzzle in a […]

Review: Line Runner

I downloaded Line Runner to try it out; its pretty much as the name implies, you are running along a line, and you have to dodge obstacles. The gameplay is fast and fairly simple, making it an easy way to waste time while time needs wasting. As a free app, you can expect there to […]

Review: Doodle jump free

I figure, if I’m trying them out I might as well review them. Doodle jumper has been out and fairly popular a while, so this review may not be news to you unless you only recently got a smart phone of your own. the primary objective of doodle jumper is to jump as high as […]

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