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Why it makes sense for George Zimmerman to be innocent

You know, its amazing how when the black community is outraged justice and the law should be put on the back-burner so a lynch mob can form. Here’s the thing. It is quite possible that Zimmerman is innocent. That is not to say he isn’t an idiot. However, as we ALL know, being an idiot […]

DRM responsibly.

Because so many companies have done DRM wrong, some people have begun to consider DRM completely evil, and that it should be boycotted out of principle. Now, I’ll be the first to say that DRM such as SecureROM which is only a single patch away from hijacking computers with nothing users can do about it, […]

Interview with Santa Clause

Me: So as the Christmas season gets close to hitting the big day, I’ve gotten and interview with the big man himself; Santa Clause. I wanted to talk with him about some of the things going around about him that may be.. less than true. Santa: Indeed, some comedian a while back decided it would […]

Are you sure that’s the language you want?

I’ve had it smugly chimed to me before that English is, in fact, not the most widely spoken language in the world; Chinese is. With a whopping 1.2 BILLION speakers, while English has only in the 300M region. English is even beaten out by Spanish in number of speakers! Then my mind started churning… doesn’t […]

Touching Touchdown or Pitiful Patronization

This morning I saw on MSN news, a short video about a game between Milan and Rivercrest. Apparently, the coaches got together and decided to let a person suffering from cerebral palsy to score a touchdown, the defensive side making no effort to stop him, not even a fake effort. I see things like this […]

Free speech? Whats that?

I’ve noticed the most unusual trend with free speech lately. If it is being used for evil, it is protected. While if it accidentally offends someone it becomes a heinous crime. Example: The Phelps family would go to the funerals of our fallen soldiers and slander them. Calling them gay supporters, or whatever insults they […]

Take our Jobs: AKA Don’t take our jobs.

Sorry about the lack of funny in this article, I try to fit it into my current event articles but I couldn’t figure out a good way to do it without losing my point. I was watching the Colbert report a while back, and he had a guest from a group called Take Our Jobs. […]

A Mosque at ground zero? What were they thinking?

(Disclamer: This article is less funny if you read this disclaimer, but I wanted to say straight that the offensive jokes made here refer to how one person can find an offensive comment bad, while an equally offensive comment hilarious) Ok, now first of all, I have nothing against Muslims in general. Every religion that […]

Commercials on the rise

Have you ever listened to commercials on the radio? Sometimes they are a little.. weird, and sometimes just a little wrong. I have three that have been running for a little while that take it one step further. Popeyes: This restaurant seems to have decided recently to experiment with seafood as part of their limited […]

Doormen, closing doors on opportunity.

Its the end of the world! Oh horror of horrors, truly we are all doomed, DOOMED! Oh, you foolish New Yorkers, why could you not have treated your Doormen better while they were around? How is the world to survive without paying somebody to stand around and open doors for us? In this tight economy, […]

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