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In Distress: Playable Demo

I have been silent for a while now. But I have not been asleep this whole time. A few days ago, I finally finished a small playable concept demo for the game. There is not much yet, but I am planning to expand the demo to include several rooms and the introduction of at least […]

In Distress 6

Been a while since my last post. I took a bit of a break to work on my art, since many of my games tend to suffer from having a poor first impression due to poor art. If you look back at my previous post, you can see what the initial art for the main […]

In Distress: Post 4

This time, I’m going to be talking about choice and consequences in the game. One major complaint against the Damsel in Distress trope that I notice is that it robs the female character of agency. But, do any characters really have agency? What is the hero going to do, NOT rescue the princess? The only […]

In Distress: Post 3

One of the features of the game that I am going to be focusing on are dynamic game overs. This is something I did on Bob the Archaeologist a while back, where the narrator would have various lines he would say upon Bob’s death. Usually making fun of him. Rather than being a mocking narrator […]

In Distress: Post 2

So, a couple days after I announced my idea for this game project, Anita Sarkeesian went on the Colbert Report for an interview and basically said my idea during it. That is a bit unfortunate for me; as if this project manages to be at all successful the assumption would be that I got the […]

In Distress: Post 1

In Distress is going to be a subversion of the typical Damsel in Distress trope. In this game, you play as a princess who has been kidnapped by an evil wizard planning to use his magic to brainwash her into becoming his wife, thus securing a place on the throne once the King is conveniently […]

Alexander IV: Rogue Legacy’s failure of a Boss

I don’t think I have to search very hard to find someone who will agree that Alexander IV is unfun. In fact, of the number of people who have beaten Alexander, almost all of them say in the same post as thier victory post that they *never want to fight him again* often even saying […]

Fire Everywhere! 1

I’ve been working most of this month on a puzzle platformer that I am currently calling “Fire Everywhere!”. In this game your objective is to rescue people from each burning room, and get out alive. This one is actually giving me more trouble than usual with level design. Being able to jetpack around with a […]

Makario pt 2

Progress is continuing fairly smoothly for Makario. Looking to see if I am still competition free, it seems a couple other people have gotten the same idea (no real surprise) over the last few weeks. One was a fake game, which is a relief, another is a screenshot of a game concept. We look to […]

Weegee Board

Not really much to say about this.. someone was talking about Ouija boards and videogames. Due to phonetics, this popped in my head and I had to make it. I’m betting the joke must have been done before by now..

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