Desert Tracks

So, I was mentioning last night that I was going to be talking more about the games I’m working on as I’m working on them, so here’s a bit about the new game: Desert Tracks

Its going on two weeks now, mostly because I am slow with artwork, but I wanted to try improving the in game graphics a bit from what I had previously.

In the game, you will have to drive across various desert tracks with increasing levels of danger in order to attract customers to your friend’s car shop. The story will unfold through dialogue between the two friends, though they are all skippable if you’d rather just focus on the driving aspect.

When driving, you can tilt the car slightly while in the air to prevent yourself from crashing. You can also use turbo boosts at the right time to jump or get in some extra speed on a straightaway. Upgrades to your car’s tires will allow you to accelerate to higher speeds more quickly, while upgrades to the engine will increase the maximum speed your car can maintain.

I only have one of the four planned tracks finished, but all of the artwork and coding is finished, so it may come out sometime either this weekend or during this upcoming week.

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