DnD 3.5: Trap Armorer

Well I’m back with another bit of DnD insanity. This character will depend largely on your DM as it does stretch the rules a bit. If you have a cool DM who likes seeing creative and inventive uses of abilities you just might make a memorable campaign.

There aren’t many ingame requirements for this kind of character, though a race that either has bonuses in Smithing or Trap Making will be helpful. Skill in Alchemy may be helpful for minimizing cost, but is not necessary.

Craft(Smithing): Keep maxed
Craft(Trap Making): Keep maxed
Feat: Skill Focus: Craft(Smithing)
Feat: Skill Focus: Craft(Trap Making)

Smithing skill will be used to modify armor in order to provide space for the traps without preventing the armor from being comfortably worn. Trap making will then be used to install the trap into the armor. I’m sure the more creative of you can come up with a few tricks that could help the party with this, but I’ll give a couple examples.

1: Self Healing Breastplate

Potions are listed officially as being only 1 ounce, rather than being a large drink. They are also stated to be ingested internally, with no specific instruction on exactly how. This trap first of all depends on your ability to convince your DM that a potion introduced into your blood stream directly would still have it’s healing effect.

First, oversize the breastplate armor in order to provide space for a needle trap. Then install the needle trap, specifying that you want to coat the needles in a healing potion of your choice, and have the trap triggered by touch. Include automatic reset, which will increase the cost by 500 GP and DC by 5. Aim the needle trap towards the inside, so that dexterity and armor modifiers cannot be applied to AC. It should always, or almost always hit.

You will need to roll a skill check of 25 to make this trap, which will be tricky if you are running a low level campaign, but gets easier later on.

The benefit of this trap however, is every time the wielder of the armor is hit in combat, the hit activates the touch trigger of the trap inside the armor, and will shoot the player with a healing needle, dealing 1 damage, then healing for the amount of the potion.

2: Bonus shot Bracers

You will not need to modify the bracers for this one; Create a poison dart trap, specify that you want an attached trigger, which will reduce the cost by 100 and allow you to make the trigger activated by a switch attached to your glove so that it activates when you make the motion of pulling a trigger. Make this one also an automatic reset, so that you do not need to take time resetting it each round.

This trap will also have a DC of 25 to make. Traps are not friendly to low level groups; as the only DC results of making one is 20, 25, or 30. The benefit of this trap will be of course that you will automatically shoot a dart for 1D4 plus any poison you have on it directly at the target of your crossbow shot. If you can convince your DM that the same action means the same roll, you should always hit with the dart if you hit with the crossbow. Worst case scenario, they will get separate attack rolls, and you will get two chances to hit every round with the same action.

I’ll end it here so I don’t go and spoil everyone’s creative energy by listing every possible trap/armor combination there is. If you come up with a good one your DM lets you get away with, be sure to leave a comment about it.

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