Dream Journal 4

I had last night a fairly.. interesting.. dream. Most interesting because if you had to sum up the reason for the entire plot in one word, that word would be ‘pants’.

The dream starts out with me at work, but for some reason, my pants are roughly twice as long as they are supposed to be, and it is causing some difficulty walking. So, I decide to go home to change to a different pair.

When I get home, apparently my parents are there, despite that I do not live with them, and they want to know why I’m back from work so early. I tell them that I need to change pants because these ones are way too long, then ask if its possible to just cut the extra length off. My mom says that would fray the bottom and would look bad. Personally I don’t care too much about ‘frayed’ pants bottoms, but in the dream I accept that as a good enough reason and go change into another pair of pants.

Since I’m already home, for some reason the idea occurs to me to take a quick nap then head to work, since I was rather tired. The dream then moves location. My brother is apparently there, in the form of a mouse fleeing from a terrorist. I can tell he’s a terrorist because why not. For whatever reason, he seems not to notice me, and I start talking to my brother to suggest hiding places and the such, which the terrorist can’t seem to hear.

My sister randomly shows up at this point, and suggests he hide under a hat. He goes over to the hat and puts the hat on, thereby demonstrating that he can’t exactly hide under it. he then sees a tiny gun and picks it up, but its out of ammo.

I then head over for some reason and sit down on a church pew; strange because the location it’s self was actually a bus station. Two more terrorists enter the building, these ones notice me and approach, and I say to them “I’m not the mouse you are looking for” they look confused then I point forward, where a large television is showing The Incredible Hulk. Exceptionally odd since i’ve never actually seen that movie, and say to them “The hulk doesn’t look happy” and the boarders of the screen begin to fade away around the Hulk, implying he was going to be left behind when the television disappeared.

The dream then changed location again and the pair of terrorists were gone, and I was on some sort of cross between a bus and train. at which point I notice a single bullet and remember my brother who had the empty gun and was being chased by the one other terrorist. I open the front of the section I was in to enter the front part of the bus where the terrorist is standing at the front, with my brother hiding near the front. I pass the bullet up whispering for them to pass it along towards my brother.

Then the alarm went off so I don’t get to know how the thing ended.

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  1. Posted January 8, 2012 at 9:16 pm | Permalink

    This is a great dream journal! I enjoy reading every post. I love the cross between the bus and the train – so vague!

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