Further work on Genie Game

A lot of the progress I’ve been making with my newest game has been in the background. Largely getting behaviors that will need to run frequently in working order before I am able to begin on the level design.

I believe I’ve gotten the basics down after making those various games. However, having functional mechanics and having something fun to play are not the same thing. My sense of humor has helped a couple of my games a bit, but a large part of my focus will need to be on making the game play well.

Which leads to a few design questions, which would be good to get opinions on, you can leave a comment below if you have a preference.

First on my list of things to decide: Should the Genie have a life bar?

I’m thinking no; Since she is a magical creature, her ‘body’ is more a construction of magical energies. A magic bar representing fuel for magic, and physical stability would make sense in this case, and would provide an additional challenge.

On the other hand, most people nowadays are used to life and magic being separate, and might be upset by the idea that they could spend magic to death.

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