Below is a list of the games I have completed. Clicking on the thumbnails will take you to where you can play them.

Fire Everywhere!


Fire Everywhere is a puzzle platformer where you need to rescue people trapped in each burning room then escape. To do this, you have a water pack capable of shooting forwards, as well as straight down to give you lift like a jetpack.

Interesting oddity; I finished this game in time for July’s release on One Game A Month, and Augusts’s optional theme turned out to be Fire.



I was inspired to make this game while watching the hour long Wind Waker episode of Game Grumps. During it, they mentioned that they wanted someone to make a fan game where you play as Makar dressed like Mario. So, that is basically what I did.

This game had a better turn out than any of my previous games. Even reaching the “popular” section of Newgrounds’ game page.

Bob the Archaeologist 2


Bob the Archaeologist 2 is, as you might assume, a sequel to the first Bob the Archaeologist. In this game, Bob has discovered a new branch of the cave system while trying to find his way out. Your goal is to find your way to each treasure chest while keeping an eye out for hidden treasures along the way.

Confectionery Guardian Epic


Game two of the 2014 year, and part of the Candy Jam. Confectionery Guardian Epic is a sort of commentary on King’s trademark claim on the word “Candy”. You control an upgradeable robot to defend the candy stands from King Candy’s army. There are a total of 20 waves in all.

Sanity Drop


Sanity Drop is my January entree into the One Game a Month challenge. In it, you bounce off the rising platforms to avoid falling off the screen as long as possible. Its a fairly simple game, which I started with just a ball, then decided on a whim to start adding other objects with different behaviors to the game. The most notable differences in behavior being the fish, which flops around randomly, and the ship which flies freely; but can be destroyed by normal tiles as well as traps.

Yeee! Yeti Chase

Yeee! is a game which I made working with the artist of the Winter Melody webcomic. You control one of the main characters, Melody, as she chases after lost sausages in the snow. The Yeti in the area though like to skate about, so you will have to be careful to avoid being in their way.

Sapphire Slime

Made in one week for a contest, Sapphire Slime is an exploration focused platformer with a lot of hidden items to collect for 100% completion. Still a lot of things I would have fixed if I had the time, but it was fairly well received.

Reconstruction 2.0


During a hot debate over Stencyl’s capabilities, someone made the claim that Stencyl is worthless for anything beyond simple platformers. This inspired me to make a counter argument in the form of a game far more complicated than my skills at the time really allowed for. In Reconstruction, you play as a mad scientist trying to rebuild his lab and find a solution to the zombie problem.

This game is a hybrid of the top down shooter and city management genres, but suffers from poor graphics, and lag on some computers. This one still bugs me, and I might eventually do a remake of it when I am more skilled.

Platform All Day

platform all day

Platform All Day is an experiment in the physics puzzle genre. There is no music or sound, just gameplay and simple graphics. Planning to make a bigger version of the game with more polish and more levels when I can.

Killbot in Candyland

killbot in candyland

Killbot in Candyland started off as a joke in my head before I decided to go ahead and make it. My art skill was still pretty bad at the time though, and it did not get much, if any, attention.

Gem Bomber

gem bomber

Another sort of joke, I had made a cannon that can lob bombs while experimenting with code, and decided that I really wanted to make a game using it. After a few different styles, somehow the idea came to me to take something similar to bejeweled, and blow it up.

Fly Stomper 2

fly stomper 2

While making Sapphire Slime, there was one item I had hidden where you needed to jump off of several enemies in a row without falling. I had fun with the idea, and a Game in Ten Days based on the theme “bounce” happened to be going on Kongregate. I quickly made the first Fly Stomper to enter with, only getting 2 days to work on it. It was not a very good game.

So, free from deadlines, I decided to make a sequel with upgrades, and an ending to make up for the terribleness of the first version.

Escape Velocity

escape velocity

Escape Velocity was my first attempt at the vertical shooter genre, in which the goal is to accelerate to a target speed in each level, eventually reaching escape velocity to leave the planet. Unfortunately, I had somehow missed that an older, more famous game shared the same name during my name search. So, there will not be any direct sequel to this one to avoid causing confusion.

Bob the Archaeologist

bob the archaeologist

This was my first simi-successful game. Bob the Archaeologist is about a delusional intern who thinks he can strike it out on his own as an archaeologist. It is a fairly short game that plays as a platformer, with bits of story in between the levels.

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