Hopper 2

Hopper grumbled to himself, why couldn’t there be an easier way to get through this? Suddenly from not too far off, he heard a sound, looking up he saw a group of teenage boys attacking another bane! Growling to himself he started to move closer

“Hopper, you can’t interfere, its against the bane rules to harm people, or communicate remember? The chip will stop you.” Cherry’s voice urged him

“There has to be something, I KNOW this can’t be legal.” Hopper responded, looking quickly around at the surrounding area, trying to figure out what he could use. He couldn’t stop them by force, and probably couldn’t defend himself if he got close enough for them to notice him.. He took off running.

“What are you doing?” Cherry asked in surprise as Hopper ran towards a tree

“Don’t know. Don’t really care” Moving out of blind instinct, Hopper jumped a the tree, grabbing a low branch and climbing quickly upwards.

Hopper! Stop right now!” Cherry called out “This is dangerous!”

“Too late” He responded as he kicked off a branch, flying outwards towards a rotting tree ahead of him, as it approached he began to brace himself to catch…

* * *

Panting the man looked up and around to see if the coast was clear. His guardian gave him incredible speed, nobody could catch him if he was careful- wait.. How was the officer ahead of him?

“You know, you really shouldn’t shout insults back at your pursuers, it makes it easy for me to follow you.” The officer taunted “Speed boosting is nothing compared to teleportation too.” G commented in the back of his head.

“You.. You got lucky. That’s all” the other man said, looking frantically around “I’m not going back to prison, I’d die first”

“Maybe you should have considered that BEFORE robbing that store back there” The officer commented off handedly “Right in front of me no less. You don’t have much in the way of tact, do you?”

Frustrated, the other man ran again, jumping off a nearby ledge hoping to get a head start. His foot caught on a rough part of the railing, causing him to trip and fall headfirst towards the ground below. The officer ran towards the edge “Don’t do it” G warned just as the officer vanished, appearing below the falling man to catch him, when..

* * *

There was a loud crack as his side slammed into the ground. Regaining himself he looked up just in time to see the tree falling downwards towards him. It took everything he had to pull himself out of the way before it landed, the thundering crack spooking the teenagers into running off.

Even through the numbing agent in his suit, his side felt like It was on fire. Why don’t you ever think before you do these things! G thought angrily. Behind the wall in his mind, G was unable to do anything, even complain properly. Hopper was always too reckless for his own good.

“Oh god! Are you ok!!” Cherry’s voice popped in Hopper’s head,

“Yeah.. I.. I’m not sure.. I felt a really weird déjà vu feeling before I hit the tree and it distracted me.” he tried to explain, trying to remember what it was. He couldn’t remember anything other than a nagging familiarity somehow.

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