Hopper 4

A few more days passed slowly and uneventfully. Hopper tried to stay near the feeding place, since he didn’t want to risk overexerting his side unintentionally. Many people might think it is a good thing to stop feeling pain, but in truth, without pain to stop you, you could not only injure yourself unintentionally, but it would be easier to get hurt than anything else you would ever do.

Resting against a tree, he sighed. Could things get any more boring? Using his finger he decided to try to draw in the dirt. He first drew a scribble. Then, a scribble. Trying to raise an eyebrow he drew another scribble. “Ok, I don’t think I’m THAT bad. what’s going on?” he said to himself out loud.

He paused, why didn’t Cherry say anything? He thought for sure that would be exactly the sort of thing she’d make a joke about. He took a deep breath and let out another sigh, looking around the place. There was never anything to do.

* * *

“Would you-”


“Could you just-”


“If you’d just-”

“NO. Go the hell away!” G barked at the man.

“I can help you get through that barrier, you know I can” He pleaded

“You mean you want me to help you get to his brain and screw with more things.” G corrected, “You came from that device I know what you are”

This argument had been going on for days, G wasn’t about to risk letting anything near the conscious mind, even if it meant he couldn’t get there himself. He wasn’t sure why the other man was so insistent, he just wanted the guy to leave him alone already.

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