Hopper 5

“What do you mean we aren’t searching for him?” shouted Val, as he slammed a hand onto the desk. He was a slim, tall man with short white hair, his shoulder width was exaggerated slightly by the long red duster he wore. Under the jacket, he wore a plain gray shirt, and black pants, with a sword on each of his hips.

The man across from him was nearly his exact opposite, a short balding man who despite the loose dress code of the Guardian Forces wore what appeared to be as official looking a uniform as he could manage. Val continued his argument “He’s been gone for two days, protocol says to consider a person missing at twenty four hours”

The shorter man waved his hand as though dismissing the argument physically. “the rift opened up right where his house was, and destroyed everything. Its safe to assume he is dead, I will not be wasting valuable resources on a wild goose chase with all these disturbances.”

There was a loud thud as Val slammed his hand into the desk again “Well you’ve just wasted some, I quit!”

“Val, You’ve wanted his job for months now, practically since he was promoted into it. Here I am offering it to you, and this is how you react? We need you, these disturbances are only getting worse”

“Like hell you need me, you probably already have MY replacement lined up too. I’m not working for some bullshit organization that refuses to even TRY to look after their own.”

The man paused for a moment considering his options “Fine, I’ll allow you access to whatever you need to do your search, but I will not have you dedicating any manpower to this search of yours unless you have a solid lead, and I expect you to show up for your normal duty on time” the man pulled a key out of his jacket “this is the master key, it will open all the locks in the facility other than governmental top secret files, which you will not need access to.” he then slid it across the desk

As Val reached down to take it, the man looked him in the eyes “I still believe he is dead, if you find the same I expect you to give up the search and dedicate your time to something productive.”

Val took the key and walked out of the room without saying anything else. He figured the first place to check would be the on base living quarters. If he could find any information on Terrance’s personal life, he might be able to find out if he was somewhere else at the time the rift opened.

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