In Distress: Post 1

In Distress is going to be a subversion of the typical Damsel in Distress trope. In this game, you play as a princess who has been kidnapped by an evil wizard planning to use his magic to brainwash her into becoming his wife, thus securing a place on the throne once the King is conveniently disposed of.

Desperate to get his daughter back safely, the King has promised to reward whoever can rescue the Princess first by naming them heir to the throne. Upon hearing about this decree the Princess realizes the only way to keep the kingdom from falling into the hands of any random guy with a sword and more muscles than brains, she will have to rescue herself.

Escape will not be easy. The Princess spent her time learning how to properly rule a kingdom, not the basics of sword play. On top of that, the castle is full of traps, and the Wizard’s minions all waiting to catch her off guard and put an end to her rebellious nature.

Luckily, the Princess is not entirely defenseless. With the help of a fairy, she has untapped her own magical potential, and will be able to use a variety of spells to help her on her way through the castle.

Will you be able to escape the castle with both your mind, and body intact?

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