Incredible Greg: The one thousand dollar trap

Incredible Greg

Last week I had this idea for a parody video, unfortunately basically everything that could have gone wrong with the design process did go wrong. The sound files from the voice acting wouldn’t load into flash, so I had to animate blindly and then cut it together in a video editor.

All of the animations i made for each line were 2-3 times faster than the line it’s self, so I had to do a lot of re-using of animations to make it fit together, then my video editor decided to go extra weird on me and started inserting frames and transitions in between movements and in the middle of scenes in the final render that were not in the timeline.

By the end of the weekend, I was only really able to get most of the bugging out. I might decide to redo it from scratch later if I can get the sound files to work, but I’ll probably just make a far improved episode 2. That is.. if people actually like the idea anyway.

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