More news

I hadn’t been able to post my new youtube videos onto the main site’s ‘latest’ section due to FTP being down; so I wanted to go ahead and mention real quick here that there are new videos there.

As well, I’ve been practicing my artwork some more; starting with the base body; which resulted in several images that have yet to be clothed since I haven’t begun practicing that. Since Project Wonderful objects to nudity I have had to place these in my Deviantart account only.

I’ve updated the main menu buttons on my page to be a little more ‘in theme’ than the poorly drawn crystals, and have included a button to link to my Youtube channel.

On a final note; I have gotten no feedback from anyone as to what you guys like to see most. I wanted to just say as a reminder that as an entertainer, I prefer to work on what I know you guys will like. If you’d like to let me know what you want to see more of send me an email at including the word ‘novacorp’ in the title so i can identify it from the many spam messages that I receive.

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