Ultra Mega Shooter Dude Released

I finished Ultra Mega Shooter Dude yesterday, and it passed judgement at newgrounds. Its score isn’t as good as my other games, likely due to my having to cut it short to meet the deadline. Technically the deadline is still about 3 days away, but with my wrist being sore I figured that I would probably not be able to draw much more content and still finish the game.

I may in the future avoid jams with tight deadlines and focus more on taking a longer time on polishing.

The game can be played here:

Ultra Mega Shooter Dude Pt 2

Continuing progress on Ultra Mega Shooter Dude, with one kind of enemy designed and a sample concept image using the character and enemy in action. The first enemy is an airborn robot, which is modeled after wasps. Because I hate wasps.


Ultra Mega Shooter Dude

So for the upcoming Stencyl Jam, I have started working on an over the top silly Run ‘n Gun style game. Robots are attacking all the major cities of the world, and it is up to the hero, Ultra Mega Shooter Dude to set things right. With violence. Lots, and lots of violence.


Bob the Archaeologist 2, halfway there.

Progress has been going slowly, but steadily on the new game. Since the last posting, I’ve reached 14 levels, got most of the narrator lines recorded, and several unlockable journal entries written.


The first page is unlocked at the start, and recaps briefly the end of the last game. As you collect more coins, and find treasures new journal entries will unlock. My current plan is for there to be 15 short levels, followed by one massive unlockable level which will test the player’s exploration and survival skills.

Further Developments on Bob the Archaeologist 2

I have been making progress on the new game, though I have forgotten to make a post about it for a little while. The sarcastic death narrator now has about 10 lines, between falling and spikes. Since I’ve added new hazards of fireballs and lava there will be some lines for those deaths as well.

The clip below shows a sample of how a level will play, my video editor however is pretty weak, so it is faster than normal speed, and has afterimages that will not be showing up in the actual gameplay.


Bob the Archaeologist 2

Bob the Archaeologist was the first game I’d made that was somewhat successful. It went somewhat viral, and accumulated about a million and a half plays. Since then I’ve gotten better at game design, and made another platformer, Sapphire Slime, which also got a bit over two million vies. None of the other genres I’ve made games in have even reached the ten thousands, so I figure either I had two convenient flukes, or I am good at making platformers.

So, this is a bit of an experiment, a sequel to Bob the Archaeologist using what I have learned about game design to make a more polished game out of it. Still working out what kind of additional Mechanism I will add to it to make it more unique, but the unusual treasure hunting will still be a major part of the game design.

You will have normal levels, which you can progress through as before, completing each level by finding the treasure chest. However, unlike the original, instead of separating each level with a story screen wall of text, you will progress straight to the next level. There will be a journal you can open by clicking on it to go to other levels or look at pages of Bob’s Diary which will be filled in as you locate hidden treasures scattered throughout some of the levels.



Rebooting.. apparently.

So, I just upgraded to Stencyl 3.0 as it fixes some of the lag issues that I have had in my games when too much is happening at once. Unfortunately, it seems a lot of bugs occur when trying to update games started in 2.2 into 3.0.

So, I’m going to be set back on most of my projects, as I will have to redo basically everything from scratch.

Confectionery Guardian Epic

I just finished my new game, Confectionery Guardian Epic. It is a Candy Jam game where you play as a bipedal upgradeable robot defending the candy stands from King Candy’s army of candy soldiers.



You can play the game here:

The Candy stand Guardian Saga



Recently, King managed to actually get the trademark on the word “Candy” and immediately set to work attacking indie devs in the mobile game market who also make candy related games. Ironic, given that King’s own Candy Crush Saga is a blatant clone of Bejeweled, and King’s Pac-Avoid game is both a rip off of another flash game, AND Pac Man at the same time.

As a protest, the Candy Jam was created, and I am entering it with The Candy stand Guardian Saga. In it, you play as a combat robot equipped with several upgradeable weapons to fight off waves of candy soldiers that King Candy sends to destroy the smaller candy stands.

New Game Finished: Sanity Drop

For the One Game a Month challenge, I made another fairly simple game for January. Sanity Drop


In this game, you bounce off of the platforms in order to avoid falling off the screen. Collecting coins allows you to unlock different objects to play as, which each behave differently. I threw in a few achievements as well, such as for when you are able to reach the blue tiles with the hard to control fish.

This game seems so far to be my highest scoring out of the gate, yesterday afternoon being the top game for the day.


Unfortunately it was passed late in the day, but still was high enough to get 8th place on P-Bots picks. I am hoping this implies that I’ve managed to learn a thing or two about game design. Only way to be sure is to see how next month’s game goes.

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