Political corruption

Not that I want to make this into a political blog or anything, but seeing as how election time is coming up, a lot of tricks have been played that really go far in demonstrating how manipulative our governing body has become.

It does not matter which party you are in, I’m sure you know of a lot of tricks… the OTHER party is doing. You may or may not, however, notice the tricks the party you sympathize with pulls.

I’m going to start by pointing out something republicans have been doing first, because I naturally sympathize with them and in the interest of being fair I should put a little more effort into noticing what they do.

What I notice the republicans of late have been doing is allowing the state of the nation to become worse purely to stab at Obama. I have literally heard on the news one of the politicians say that they do not want the economy to start improving until after the election so that they can get him out.

For those who are politically minded, you can probably see the strategic logic here. If the state of the nation improves, the president will get the credit, and if it worsens the president is blamed. Obviously this means that if you want to get rid of the president, making him look bad is the easiest way to do it.

The problem? They are talking about making him look bad BY HURTING OUR OWN COUNTRY. If given the choice between making the US improve and extending Obama’s term, or making the US suffer and getting rid of Obama, they will choose to actually HURT the US.

Meanwhile, the Democrats for the last several years have been trying to increase taxes. While the US is going through a major economic crisis, isn’t it kind of a BAD time to raise taxes? These taxes were to help pay for the trillions of dollars in various projects to help the economy out, but I then have to wonder why they aren’t using the same strategy used to end the Great Depression.

But what does using a plan that didn’t work have to do with manipulative schemes, you might ask. Well, its coming onto election year and time to talk about taxes. Republicans want to extend the tax cuts a little further, while democrats want to lower taxes.

That seems pretty odd doesn’t it? That they would want to raise taxes pretty consistently for years, and the moment it comes time for the election races, they are all for lowering taxes.

Both of these behaviors are just a couple of many different habits that boil down to just one purpose. To manipulate the people into voting for them. Lets get the semantics out of the way here; they aren’t acting to market themselves, these behaviors literally have the sole purpose of deceiving voters into having opinions that they would not have formed if they had accurate information.

I think the politicians have forgotten their jobs. By having a 2 party system, they have polarized the voters and made it so no third party stands a significant chance of ever winning an election. The tactics politicians use to manipulate us is designed purely with the intent of tricking us into voting the way they want us to.

The job of a politician is not to decide who will win the elections. That is the job of the voters, our politicians need to get back in their place and serve our country, not their selfish desires.

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