Review: Doodle jump free

I figure, if I’m trying them out I might as well review them. Doodle jumper has been out and fairly popular a while, so this review may not be news to you unless you only recently got a smart phone of your own.

the primary objective of doodle jumper is to jump as high as you possibly can, while attempting to avoid falling below the screen, or touching any enemies. There are certain items you can touch to get some help; with varying degrees of helpfulness and risk involved. Its sort of a choice you make; between getting a speed boost, and taking the risk that there might not be an easy place to land once you stop flying. in order of effectiveness, the ones I had found so far are the spring, trampoline, beanie hat, and jet pack.

As for the controls; I personally found them to be a bit awkward. The tutorial is in game, and the game began for the first time as soon as the app opened. with the background explaining the controls I thought the game was playing it’s self as a demonstration of the controls; it didn’t help much that i just happened to be holding the phone at exactly the right angle to hit every platform up to about 2000 points high.

The ability to shoot at enemies seems like a waste of time; as if they are actually far enough a way that you could hit them with your attack that only goes at 0 degrees, or exactly 45 degrees in either direction, the enemy would not be a threat to your progress, and trying to tap the screen to shoot at the enemy without blocking your view of the screen or accidentally tilting can be difficult.

The tilt control is very sensitive, which can become a little bothersome, as I personally tended to start worrying more and more about needing to shift in my seat or do basically anything that could cause me to accidentally tilt the phone and send doodle jumper flying to the other side of the screen in one leap. I had hoped the options had a sensitivity control; but it apparently did not.

Overall, I don’t hate the game, but I find it more stressful than fun to play, especially if I play it for more than a few minutes at a time. The addition of a pause button would be very nice, and a way to personalize the control scheme would also be really good to include.

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