Review: Line Runner

I downloaded Line Runner to try it out; its pretty much as the name implies, you are running along a line, and you have to dodge obstacles. The gameplay is fast and fairly simple, making it an easy way to waste time while time needs wasting.

As a free app, you can expect there to be a store; it gets a little bit of a minus on the store because there is no in game way to earn currency to buy upgrades, though, at this time, the only upgrade it has is a full dollar to enable blood. The one good thing about that is the optional addon is exactly that; optional. the core gameplay is unhindered by a need to buy parts of the game to complete it.

As for the gameplay it’s self, it could stand to be tweeked a little more. Specifically, you need to tap the screen to jump and roll to avoid obstacles. At least with my big hands, it becomes difficult to see what I am doing with my thumbs covering up almost a quarter of the screen. If the platform was raised up in the screen about another centimeter it would probably be a lot easier to see.

Its not an insanely impressive game, but as far as running games goes, it gets the basics down. If you enjoy running games, and don’t already have one, I’d say giving this a try can’t hurt.

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