Review: Stupid Zombies

When I first glanced at this game, it looked like it would simply be a tap zombies on the screen to kill them sort of game. Fortunately, I decided to give it a try, and was pleasantly surprised to find that it was more than that.

This is a sort of physics puzzle in a similar fashion as crush the castle and angry birds. Your character is standing on the left side of the screen, while zombies, and obstacles are on the right. Your gun can fire bouncing projectiles and your goal is to kill all the zombies as efficiently as possible.

Some of the levels are a little counter intuitive as to how you get 3 stars; such as the first level where the only way to get enough points is to choose not to aim for the head in order to make a ricochet that hits all three zombies with one bullet.

There is a LOT of content available for free. There are 10 stages, across 3 chapters, with 60 levels in each of the first stages of each chapter; the further stages are locked until you acquire enough stars from previous stages to unlock them. So, while I cannot tell if those stages have the same number of levels, there are at least 180 levels to play.

The store gets a small minus for not providing an ingame currency, but does get a plus for only offering optional purchases. In this game’s store, you can purchase ‘air strikes’ that you can launch to help with a level you are stuck on, or perhaps want to take out some anger against with some good old fashioned overkill.

I would definitely recommend giving this game a try. It is one of the better free games that I have tried out so far.

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