Review: Tank Fury 3D

Trying out another iPhone game, this time it is Tank Fury 3D. It is a multiplayer game, but does provide a practice mode for offline play, and you will need it. Not because the players are extremely good; but rather, because you aren’t likely to actually get into a room to play in.

There are 3 rooms, with 20 players per room, so if there are more than 60 people who play this game, they will always be full. They were when I tried anyway. So, I went to look at practice mode instead.

The controls are extremely slow, While I do understand that tanks don’t move as quickly as some of them did in Battle Tanx for the N64, it felt like I was piloting a snail rather than a vehicle. Not only did you travel extremely slowly, but turning around, especially to face a target takes an extremely long period of time, and rotating the turret does not actually rotate your screen, and causes your gun to be misaligned with your view, and almost impossible to aim.

Considering the lag that exists in nearly every game, I can only imagine how dreadfully slow the online play would be. You get 5 tanks, but I wasn’t able to try them all out; similarly to Battle Tanx you have to ‘purchase’ your tank with funds acquired by killing opponents, and I was unable to receive much of said funds because of the game’s graphical issues.

The graphics are 3D, but as you would expect from a handheld device, the 3D is extremely blurry, making it quite difficult to tell the difference between greenish grass, brownish buildings, and greenish/brownish tanks.

I suggest passing this game by, even if you are a fan of the Tank fighter genre, this game is likely to disappoint.

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