Review: yurbuds ironlock earbuds.

A bit ago, I got some earbuds so I could listen to the radio on my iphone. These advertised a ‘twist lock’ feature that apparently results in them not falling out, even under stress. Then shows pictures of people doing various highly athletic activities, implying that the earbuds do not mess around.

So, I tried them out. It kind of hurt to wear them at first. Probably because they jammed stiff rubber deep into your ear canal to help hold them in place. That you had to twist around to fit properly into your ear.

They broke on the first day. I was walking slowly, and the cord caught on something stationary, and they were yanked straight out of my ears and one of the earbuds stopped working. I kept using them though because one bud worked and i didn’t have any other way to listen to my music.

They stopped hurting to wear after a few days; but I think that is because they actually caused my ears to deform, as they look exactly the same as they did the first day but now they do not need to be twisted to go into my ears without resistance.

So, yeah, painful to wear, clearly not durable, and they force your ears to deform while wearing them. I’d say it’d be a good idea to save your money and just go with something else.

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