Reworking on Reconstruction 2

Please note that the drawing is automatically resized; which makes it look weird. If you click on it you can see it at it’s proper proportions.

My work with drawing continues. I have all the buildings and the main character redrawn and am now working on a title screen that is a bit better than just buttons on a black screen. The book is going to double as an instruction button; and the cup of coffee the achievements button. The other buttons will be panels on the open area to the left of the screen.

In addition to redrawing everything, I am also looking to make some gameplay improvements to give the RTS elements more meaning. For example, rather than zombies aproaching at a steady pace throughout the game, I am going to have waves of zombies assault the base at regular intervals. This will hopefully make good construction of base defenses more significant, and it should give you some breathing room between zombie attacks to focus on building.

As well, shots to the head will do significantly more damage to zombies than in the previous version.

If you would like to see the previous version, it is located here:

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