Smartphone game review: Burger

Now, when I saw this game in the new section, It immediately reminded me of Burgertime, an unusual game with an addicting gameplay where you try to drop giant pieces of hamburger ingredients down while avoiding various food themed monsters along the way. You had to stay one step ahead of these monsters as one touch and you are done. You had pepper to stun the monsters and you could get bonus points by squashing them under some of the giant ingredients that you can drop.

This is nothing like that game. The game starts off with a decently drawn anime style girl on the front. I am not sure if this is supposed to be you, or if she is a coworker you are going to be aiming to impress.

In this game though, you work for a burger place in a city full of quite literally the pickiest eaters in the entire world. You have to get their order exactly right; and I don’t just mean don’t forget the pickles. These OCD jerks will refuse to pay for a burger and make you throw it away if you put even one ingredient on the wrong layer, and every one of them wants the burger made a completely different way.

I was really thrown off at one point when a customer wanted a burger which consisted of a bottom bun, lettuce, and a top bun. Really? This person REALLY goes out to a restaurant to order some bread and lettuce? At least a salad has to be assembled, you could get a loaf of bread and a head of lettuce and be set for a week.

What kind of taste is that anyway? a lettuce sandwich? A single leaf of lettuce no less. Could you GET something any worse- OH COME ON!!

Bizarre people aside though, the game plays as a flash memory test. Essentially, you have to glance at the picture of the hamburger and sides, then assemble it exactly as shown as quickly as possible. Each day gives you a profit goal that you have to meet, so that you can get the coveted Employee of the Month title. Surely this is something I would look forward to attaining if I was working in a burger place. Oh wait; No I Wouldn’t.

The game is more or less a gamified version of working at McDonalds. Why anybody would actually want to play a game where you work a job widely regarded as one of the lowest steps on the workforce ladder is beyond me. At least burgertime gave you some game play elements and plot that stretched the normal; gave you an experience that differed from the norm.

All that aside; it does play pretty bug free. The artwork is well done. There is very little music, none during the game play sections, which spares you the trouble of having to mute the game because their taste in music differs from yours, but it doesn’t feel absent. Instead, there are sound effects for nearly every movement which tends to be where the bulk of your sound will come from. The sounds are for the most part fairly quiet as well, except for the buzzer at the end of each day.

So, good, bad? I’d put it at ok. Its well polished and as far as flash memory games go, it has the bases covered. The small space between buttons can sometimes cause a mis-press though. If you enjoy flash memory games, it is probably worth downloading as it is free. If you are more story or action oriented in your preferences this game isn’t really made for you.

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