So close..

Had a good string of steady updates going for a while, but now I kind of feel sapped from stress. due to timing of bills and rent, I’ve had practically no money at all even for food for the last 3 weeks. This has lead to me eating a lot cheaper than even I am used to.

The good news is; as I’m posting this I am on the tail end of the difficulties and should be able to get back up to posting regularly again by the end of this next week. During the week, I’m supposed to get my tax refund and paycheck. (I get paid bi-weekly) so I’ll be able to get some real food and hopefully get some energy back in me.

The heavy cold snap we’ve had has not been helpful either. Not that i can complain much since I didn’t have to deal with the blizzards a lot of the nation had; but it was a lot colder than we are used to getting down here; climbing stairs that are frozen solid on both the steps and rails is not very pleasant. Ice burns worse than fire.

Anyways, I’ll get back to posting as close to daily as I can as soon as I can. Of course, if there’s anything on the site anybody particularly likes feel free to let me know with an email or comment. If you email be sure to title it ‘novacorp’ so i can tell it’s not spam. I’m an entertainer so whatever you guys want to see more of is what I’ll try to focus on making more of.

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