Supreme Court Decision

So apparently, the supreme court made their decision on the Affordable care Act last week. It was an interesting decision to be sure. Apparently, they have decided to call upon the law of equivalent exchange I assume to be from Full Metal Alchemist.

Long story short; they have decided Tax and Penalty mean the same thing now, because taxing everybody then giving a tax break to everybody except one group of people has the same end result as simply taking money from one group of people. Yeah, that’s right, for the greater good the supreme court has said officially that it doesn’t matter what the dictionary says a word means, if you are using it in place of an unpopular word it is totally fair game.

Penalty and Tax are polar opposites of each other. A penalty is a punishment, and a tax is a fee. One is a form of discipline, the other is a contribution to the state funds. They now mean the same thing because it is convenient for the passing of the bill for them to mean the same thing.

So yeah. Why do we pay these guys to do all this lawyer speech again? I mean, if they can now literally use any words they want in place of the words they mean so that citizens don’t know what is being passed, isn’t that actually even WORSE than them being able to randomly punish you for not obeying their whims?

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