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In Distress: Post 5

Haven’t had much new to post for a few days, as I am currently working on some of the artwork. I’ve finished a simple sprite for the Princess though, so that’s progress at least. So far I have a single frame jump, a two frame run, and a three frame spellcasting animation. I will hopefully […]

Art quest, part two

Yesterday and today’s lessons in the You can draw in 30 days course were about cubes. After three days of circles, its nice to draw a straight line. Then again its curves that give me trouble so maybe I should draw more of those. In the meantime, I finished lesson 5 today, a cardboard box […]

Beginning my quest for better artwork

A friend referred me to a lesson set called “You can draw in 30 days” a couple days ago. It consists of a daily exercises which should, in theory, teach all the basics of drawing by the end of the 30th lesson. I have for a long time struggled to gradually learn how to draw […]

Ultra Mega Shooter Dude Pt 2

Continuing progress on Ultra Mega Shooter Dude, with one kind of enemy designed and a sample concept image using the character and enemy in action. The first enemy is an airborn robot, which is modeled after wasps. Because I hate wasps.

Another background for the Hat RPG

Once again; the picture may have been resized weirdly, so if the image appears to be squished, clicking on it will give you the appropriately scaled version. I attempted to include a little more detail into this picture. I am still working on improving my landscape artwork, but every picture helps. Once I have several […]

Killbot in Candyland 6

I am beginning assembly of the game now. It will probably be a few variations before I get it complete. At the moment i have at least gotten a screenshot of approximately what it will look like put together (though without a UI at the moment)

Killbot in Candyland 5

Continuing my work, here are a your delicious enemies!

Killbot In Candyland 2

I’ve continued to work on the model today; and as it turns out, when rendering to a size small enough to use as a sprite, it pixelates a lot. Still, it is not a major problem, as it pixelates in a way similar to super Nintendo graphics would. Still, I am trying to minimize the […]

Killbot In Candyland

Almost tempted to pull a Mortal Kombat and have the C in candyland a K. Changing the letter in killbot wouldn’t make sense since it would change the sound. Regardless, Undaunted by the limited success of my last game, I am pushing forward, using a new technique for making my art. Combining my practice in […]

A little disturbing

I’ve begun working on fractal art, hoping to make some hypnotic designs. My first random fractal seems to have ended up being.. a little disturbing.

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