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Another background for the Hat RPG

Once again; the picture may have been resized weirdly, so if the image appears to be squished, clicking on it will give you the appropriately scaled version. I attempted to include a little more detail into this picture. I am still working on improving my landscape artwork, but every picture helps. Once I have several […]

Returning game posts to this blog

As I had mentioned earlier, Blogger is awful. Since I still hadn’t found a partner, and thus have no reason to keep my game design posts segregated, I will begin posting about my projects and projects on this blog again. The main project I am working on now is an idle game revolving around hats. […]

Killbot in Candyland Finished Well I’ve finished Killbot in Candyland, and you can take a look at it on newgrounds in the link above. I will be working on the 3D models in flash games idea a bit more as I go, hopefully I will have everything modeled 3D in my next game without much trouble.

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