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Art quest, part two

Yesterday and today’s lessons in the You can draw in 30 days course were about cubes. After three days of circles, its nice to draw a straight line. Then again its curves that give me trouble so maybe I should draw more of those. In the meantime, I finished lesson 5 today, a cardboard box […]

Beginning my quest for better artwork

A friend referred me to a lesson set called “You can draw in 30 days” a couple days ago. It consists of a daily exercises which should, in theory, teach all the basics of drawing by the end of the 30th lesson. I have for a long time struggled to gradually learn how to draw […]

Drawing: Gun

Random element from a dream I had last night were some weird guns. I am not skilled enough to draw most of them, but there was one fairly simple one I recalled well enough to try. Ended up scrunching it up a bit by accident, in the dream it was roughly 5 feet long, where […]

More artwork updates

Another artwork update today, one manip, and one original drawing. Both can be found in the art section over here

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