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A little bit fail (Minecraft) I made another random Minecraft related video. Can’t say too much about it though without spoilers so I’ll leave it here.

How to not fail horribly at a fundraiser

A few days ago, I witnessed a car wash that was incredibly horrible. It was bad enough that I decided against going to the store they were in front of, despite the fact that going to that store was the whole point of my trip. I turned around and went to another store. So now, […]

Dominos Artisan Fail

So, does anybody else notice something missing here? They have a nice long paragraph about how much they care about their Artisan pizzas, and it all comes down to the signature to prove it. And then there is no signature. So, does that then mean it isn’t time to expect more from my local Dominos? […]

NDAA: False alarm!

So, I read about the NDAA problems, and decided to take a look at it. Admittedly, I was rather panicked about it, but after spending a few HOURS searching through the 900+ pages of the bill before being reminded that PDFs actually can be searched for specific phrases I found the offending section, Subtitle D-Detainee […]

Worst party ever

The players sat around the table, as the GM set up his reference shield and sorted his papers. Once everybody had settled down, he requested that they pass him a copy of their character sheets so he could begin the game. DM: You are each standing in the church hall, the high priestess is there […]

Flash video: The end of Hyrule

I finished the previously mentioned flash video, and it has passed at newgrounds with over 3 points when it left the evaluation period. That’s a personal best, I even got the green coloration in the portal which was really nice so get. The video will be up on the site tomorrow, when I can get […]

All that glitters..

So apparently gold is a good investment nowadays. What with the economy never, ever going to get better, the best thing is to invest your money into something that is worth more American dollars now than it will be after we pull out of this rut. If you couldn’t already tell; I am less than […]

Fail updates that I failed to post about.

Made a fail comic a couple days ago, and posted it to the main site, and one today. I realized however, that I failed to make a blog post about it. Without further adieu.. if that’s how it is spelt..

Fail update

Got a new Fail comic up, though it appears on the front page, I found that if the site is still stored in your cache it will still show the old comic instead. Refreshing your browser will cause that to fix it’s self. Anyways, if you are already here then it makes much more sense […]

Rescue Wasp Catcher: Needs Improvement.

So, wasp season has begun around here, and after spying a wasps nest beginning to form, we decided to kill it off. While at the store we found this trap called the W.H.Y. trap that advertises that it catches wasps, hornets, and yellow jackets, made by Rescue. We decided to give it a try. My […]

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