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Makario 1

After hearing the Game Grumps mention that someone should make a fan game with Makar dressed like Mario, I had to do it. So far, I’ve spent roughly a two weeks working on it and it is coming along fairly well. In order to capture the feel of the Zelda games, Mario games, and Makar’s […]

A little bit fail (Minecraft) I made another random Minecraft related video. Can’t say too much about it though without spoilers so I’ll leave it here.

Insane review: Super Mario Bros Movie

You know, The Super Mario Brothers Movie is a catastrophic bomb. At my age when it came out, I barely understood what made it so bad.. though not knowing beforehand that it was actually about mario, the parts I saw between chores did not seem too bad. With this thinking, I have recently started to […]

3D mario

Decided to try building something more impressive than a hut in minecraft and came up with the idea to go a step beyond sprite art; and build a 3D sprite. I have no idea if this is a good idea, but regardless you can see it here.

Saving the day

So, on a comic that I read, Collar6, the characters have been in a pickle for a little while, and the idea of the perfect way for them to get out of their mess came to me, i played around with the idea a while, but as the plot continued on a while without rescue, […]

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