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Frozen was kind of.. meh

I finally got around to seeing frozen, since it became available on Netflix. I’m a bit too big to fit in the tiny seats at my local theater comfortably for hours. I am actually kind of glad for that, as it would have been an even greater disappointment if I had spent the money to […]

Unfortunate truth about railroad switches

Have you ever watched a movie, or television show, where a train is coming down the tracks, and is about to hit one of the major characters. Its getting closer and closer, and at the very last moment, the hero manages to flip the switch, sending the train down the other set of tracks and […]

Insane review: Super Mario Bros Movie

You know, The Super Mario Brothers Movie is a catastrophic bomb. At my age when it came out, I barely understood what made it so bad.. though not knowing beforehand that it was actually about mario, the parts I saw between chores did not seem too bad. With this thinking, I have recently started to […]

The Crucifix and Vampires.

It’s something I’ve noticed in a lot of movies lately where there are vampires; and they are the main villain. Holy water, garlic, wooden stakes, sunlight all work like a charm; but for some reason, when the author/director wants to show HIS vampire is really dangerous, they will make it immune to the warding power […]

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