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Rebooting.. apparently.

So, I just upgraded to Stencyl 3.0 as it fixes some of the lag issues that I have had in my games when too much is happening at once. Unfortunately, it seems a lot of bugs occur when trying to update games started in 2.2 into 3.0. So, I’m going to be set back on […]

Returning game posts to this blog

As I had mentioned earlier, Blogger is awful. Since I still hadn’t found a partner, and thus have no reason to keep my game design posts segregated, I will begin posting about my projects and projects on this blog again. The main project I am working on now is an idle game revolving around hats. […]

A tale of two blogs

For the last while I have had very infrequent updates on this blog. this is actually this time less to do with being lazy as having to update a different blog. Working in a team, I wanted updates related to that team up selerate so as not to imply my personal wotks snd opinions are […]

Why it makes sense for George Zimmerman to be innocent

You know, its amazing how when the black community is outraged justice and the law should be put on the back-burner so a lynch mob can form. Here’s the thing. It is quite possible that Zimmerman is innocent. That is not to say he isn’t an idiot. However, as we ALL know, being an idiot […]

Corruption in the distribution industry

I think paying more and more attention to the level of corruption surrounding us has started to get me a bit depressed; as its difficult to focus on my more entertaining topics when I see big businesses that should be fading into non existence because we no longer need them fighting to stop progress instead […]

Dueling: Is it really abuse?

So here I stand on the controversial side of what most people would probably think isn’t even a debate. Perhaps it’s because of the lack of information available, or the one sided style of the articles I’ve read on it, but something about this story really trips my bullshit-o-meter. So, apparently there is this family […]

More news

I hadn’t been able to post my new youtube videos onto the main site’s ‘latest’ section due to FTP being down; so I wanted to go ahead and mention real quick here that there are new videos there. As well, I’ve been practicing my artwork some more; starting with the base body; which resulted in […]

updating the site is down apparently

I have been wanting for a couple days to add something new; but apparently there has been a security leak in the service i use to update the site. Until it is resolved I will only be able to post blog posts.

Casey Anthony: Guilty after proven innocent?

Ok, so apparently here’s how trials work here in America; first a crime is committed. Then, they investigate and decide who to put on trial for it. They then give this person to the mass media and the mass media decides weather the person is innocent or guilty. Once decided, the trial may begin, while […]

So close..

Had a good string of steady updates going for a while, but now I kind of feel sapped from stress. due to timing of bills and rent, I’ve had practically no money at all even for food for the last 3 weeks. This has lead to me eating a lot cheaper than even I am […]

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