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We need protection from big business

There have been a lot of issues that have come up for a while politically, but one issue has been plaguing the nation for ages without anything done about it. What I am talking about is of course, fraud. You see it every day. Big advertisements promising one thing, while illegibly small print says something […]

City of Scam, Texas

I’ve lived in Orange Texas for a bit over 2 years now, and in this time I’ve had no less than 4 instances where the City has claimed I failed to pay my water bill when I was absolutely certain that I had. I stopped paying with cash, and began hording receipts, and strangely the […]

Mail scam 1

This is the third scam letter I’ve gotten this month. Do they actually think I’m easy to trick? Maybe, I guess three’s a charm well the third got me to do something; specifically complain about them. First of all; a major rule of thumb is if you didn’t enter a contest, you are not going […]

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