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In Distress: Playable Demo

I have been silent for a while now. But I have not been asleep this whole time. A few days ago, I finally finished a small playable concept demo for the game. There is not much yet, but I am planning to expand the demo to include several rooms and the introduction of at least […]

Animal Crossing’s Dark Secret

I finished the second part of a mini-series delving into Animal Crossing’s dark secret story. Its all just a theory, but hopefully one that might be a bit entertaining.

Hopper 5

“What do you mean we aren’t searching for him?” shouted Val, as he slammed a hand onto the desk. He was a slim, tall man with short white hair, his shoulder width was exaggerated slightly by the long red duster he wore. Under the jacket, he wore a plain gray shirt, and black pants, with […]

Dream Journal 3

The feeling of this dream was different than I am used to; it was as though I was not just watching; but I was not an actual ‘character’ in the dream. In a way it reminded me of the way visiting the past worked in final fantasy 8, where the people in the past weren’t […]

Unstoppable Lance 2

Lance ran about two blocks before seeing what the source of the commotion was. Three gang members were surrounding a single lady to mug her. He kept quiet until he got closer; in order to avoid spooking them away before he could catch them. He walked up behind the men, signalling to the lady to […]

The Dream Journal 1

So, Sometimes I have dreams that are strangely story like, or seem interesting enough on their own merit that someone could conceivably be as interested in reading them as any of the random stories I write. Whether that is a good thing or a bad thing is yet to be determined. I was investigating a […]

Unstoppable Lance 1

It is said by some that human evolution stopped because we made technology to adapt our environment instead of adapting ourselves to suit our environment. The evolutionary stagnation built up over time, and seemingly all at once, perhaps triggered by some unknown force, human evolution took place at an alarming rate. It wasn’t anything special […]

Tifa, Behave.

The battle wasn’t going too badly. They had already knocked down the first Boundfat, but after taking a hit from Ice 2, Cloud didn’t want to take any chances. “Tifa, Cast cure on me” he called over as he began preparing himself to attack. He almost winced when he heard her reply. “I can probably […]

Garret the Lucky

You can feel yourself waking up from a deep, powerful dream. One of those dreams that feels so real, you can’t remember if it was a dream or if this is. You close your eyes for a moment, gathering your thoughts, and walking yourself through a mental exercise. You feel your thoughts clearing as you […]

Injustice nearly served

His heart pounded as he took his seat in the witness box. His friend accused of murder, and losing the case. He could hardly believe it, he was with his friend that night, at the time it happened, it could not have been his friend. Yet, the lawyer before him held a tight trial, no […]

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