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Supreme Court Decision

So apparently, the supreme court made their decision on the Affordable care Act last week. It was an interesting decision to be sure. Apparently, they have decided to call upon the law of equivalent exchange I assume to be from Full Metal Alchemist. Long story short; they have decided Tax and Penalty mean the same […]

Political corruption

Not that I want to make this into a political blog or anything, but seeing as how election time is coming up, a lot of tricks have been played that really go far in demonstrating how manipulative our governing body has become. It does not matter which party you are in, I’m sure you know […]

Take our Jobs: AKA Don’t take our jobs.

Sorry about the lack of funny in this article, I try to fit it into my current event articles but I couldn’t figure out a good way to do it without losing my point. I was watching the Colbert report a while back, and he had a guest from a group called Take Our Jobs. […]

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