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Conrad’s guilty; but its still not a happy occasion.

It was odd seeing the cheering that followed Conrad Murray’s verdict today. It was something I found to be a bit odd. Clearly, the guy didn’t mean Jackson any harm; there was literally no motive to his actions except he was being given a lucrative amount of pay to give Jackson what he wanted. Killing […]

Casey Anthony: Guilty after proven innocent?

Ok, so apparently here’s how trials work here in America; first a crime is committed. Then, they investigate and decide who to put on trial for it. They then give this person to the mass media and the mass media decides weather the person is innocent or guilty. Once decided, the trial may begin, while […]

Injustice nearly served

His heart pounded as he took his seat in the witness box. His friend accused of murder, and losing the case. He could hardly believe it, he was with his friend that night, at the time it happened, it could not have been his friend. Yet, the lawyer before him held a tight trial, no […]

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