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Returning game posts to this blog

As I had mentioned earlier, Blogger is awful. Since I still hadn’t found a partner, and thus have no reason to keep my game design posts segregated, I will begin posting about my projects and projects on this blog again. The main project I am working on now is an idle game revolving around hats. […]

Further work on Genie Game

A lot of the progress I’ve been making with my newest game has been in the background. Largely getting behaviors that will need to run frequently in working order before I am able to begin on the level design. I believe I’ve gotten the basics down after making those various games. However, having functional mechanics […]

Genie to the Rescue

I’m beginning work on my next game, in which you play as a genie bound by wish to save the world. I am going to likely have a lot of work ahead of me to get the artwork looking good enough. The image I have posted is a first draft of the main character.

Difficulties in the programming

I was hoping to have Desert Tracks up this weekend, or yesterday, but it is starting to give me a good bit of trouble. Largely the problem is the second track not wanting to save the changes I make to it. As you might imagine, it is a slight bit difficult to make a game […]

Why I hope the iPhone will lose to the Android

Now, a lot of mac users defend their choice of computer with the rabid intensity of the most violent of fan boys. Many insist Apple is vastly superior to Microsoft because of a lower number of viruses and ease of use. Now, I do not own a Mac, so I can’t say if the Mac […]

More artwork updates

Another artwork update today, one manip, and one original drawing. Both can be found in the art section over here

More manips

Got three more manips added to the art section. You might have noticed a lot of the manips are MC themed, this is partly due to my interest in it; but also because I can’t think of any good manipulations that aren’t MC themed. At the moment at least. You can find the pics in […]

New images

Have five new images in the artwork section. Hopefully people are used to checking the blog for the new updates, as it would be rather tedious to change the front page to include the latest on every section of the site. If you’d like a swift path to the art section that was updated; here […]

Progress and problems

Got a new computer, which is slowing me down while I try to get everything installed back onto it. In the meantime, I’m multitasking flash videos and trying to figure out a way around the 2 megabite limit on uploads through the FTP client I’m using. Don’t really like redirecting anybody who shows up to […]

Dying pen tablet and windows

Just a short update/rant, I’m sure you’ve all noticed that Fail hasn’t updated in a little while. This is due to an issue I’m currently having with my computer. In order to make the smoother and regular lines you see in the current comics, I use flash and draw with a pen tablet. However, for […]

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