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genie’s adventure

I seem to have better progress when working on multiple projects at once. So, this is another game I am working on. The name is just a working title, not final. In this game, the hero is a genie who has been wished free on the condition that she save the world. If she fails, […]

Returning game posts to this blog

As I had mentioned earlier, Blogger is awful. Since I still hadn’t found a partner, and thus have no reason to keep my game design posts segregated, I will begin posting about my projects and projects on this blog again. The main project I am working on now is an idle game revolving around hats. […]

Still working on it…

I have a few more models finished on the game. I’m looking forward to putting this game together; but I need to finish enough models that they don’t get redundant between levels. here are a few more.

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