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Animal Crossing’s Dark Secret

I finished the second part of a mini-series delving into Animal Crossing’s dark secret story. Its all just a theory, but hopefully one that might be a bit entertaining.

More right restrictions for the free nation

Restricting rights rant I decided to just go ahead and make a video on this, which is in the link above. Basically, I’m sick of idiots restricting freedom in America for no reason other than to hurt people they don’t like or agree with.

Incredible Greg: The one thousand dollar trap

Incredible Greg Last week I had this idea for a parody video, unfortunately basically everything that could have gone wrong with the design process did go wrong. The sound files from the voice acting wouldn’t load into flash, so I had to animate blindly and then cut it together in a video editor. All of […]

Corruption in the distribution industry

I think paying more and more attention to the level of corruption surrounding us has started to get me a bit depressed; as its difficult to focus on my more entertaining topics when I see big businesses that should be fading into non existence because we no longer need them fighting to stop progress instead […]

Bad Screamers

I’m sure you’ve all had it happen once; you are on youtube and start watching a video then some undead or demonic face pops up and screams at you. Sure, its annoying, and if you are browsing early morning or late at night it will wake up everyone in the house and get them upset […]

More news

I hadn’t been able to post my new youtube videos onto the main site’s ‘latest’ section due to FTP being down; so I wanted to go ahead and mention real quick here that there are new videos there. As well, I’ve been practicing my artwork some more; starting with the base body; which resulted in […]

New video: fly free

Just finished a new hypnosis video, titled ‘fly free’ it is a suggestion video, so you will need to be able to go under for my trance trigger for it to work for you. You can find the video here: Fly Free

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