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Makario 1

After hearing the Game Grumps mention that someone should make a fan game with Makar dressed like Mario, I had to do it. So far, I’ve spent roughly a two weeks working on it and it is coming along fairly well. In order to capture the feel of the Zelda games, Mario games, and Makar’s […]

Great; We’ve got Octoroks

While browsing the interwebs today, I stumbled on a video of an octopus walking on dry land. Perhaps I’m just crazy, or I could be into Zelda a bit too much, but on dry land, the thing looks a lot like an octorok, hopefully it doesn’t learn to shoot ink globs in balled up form […]

Flash video: The end of Hyrule

I finished the previously mentioned flash video, and it has passed at newgrounds with over 3 points when it left the evaluation period. That’s a personal best, I even got the green coloration in the portal which was really nice so get. The video will be up on the site tomorrow, when I can get […]

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