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Reworking on Reconstruction 4

Reconstruction I have the new version uploaded. I will continue tweeking the game as I get feedback though. If you do have some feedback, let me know so I can look into it. I am woefully bad at telepathy so I probably won’t be able to change something glaringly wrong if you simply wish really […]

Reworking on Reconstruction 2

Please note that the drawing is automatically resized; which makes it look weird. If you click on it you can see it at it’s proper proportions. My work with drawing continues. I have all the buildings and the main character redrawn and am now working on a title screen that is a bit better than […]

Zombie Night

Dreaded night, horrid night All is lost, zombies rise Rounds of ammo stored and piled Weapons gathered heavy and mild Zombies burn for peace Zombies burn for peace Deadly night, terrible night Undeads moan at your sight Bullets stream from turrets afar Tell the ghasts Hasta la vista! Molotovs make zombies burn Molotovs make zombies […]

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