Take our Jobs: AKA Don’t take our jobs.

Sorry about the lack of funny in this article, I try to fit it into my current event articles but I couldn’t figure out a good way to do it without losing my point.

I was watching the Colbert report a while back, and he had a guest from a group called Take Our Jobs. Maybe you heard of it? Well.. If you watch Colbert Report regularly you may have heard of it, otherwise probably not.

At the time, I was just recently unemployed, and since on the show they said only 3 people took them up on the offer, I decided I might as well sign up. I went to the site, and what did I find? Nothing. No job postings. All that was there? An Email farm and articles on how terrible migrant worker conditions are.

It claimed that they posted to state job postings in all states hoping for attention. Being unemployed I browsed the state job listing every single day. I never saw them. I tried to research them to eventually find more information.

First of all, to ‘take their jobs’ you have to work at criminally low wages. That’s right criminal, they do not pay minimum wage. Supposedly this is because illegal immigrants don’t get minimum wage, also, you do not get overtime pay. I was told by one supporter that the only reason jobs aren’t actually listed is that ‘If you are desperate enough, you won’t care where the job is’

Once again, this is a fallacy used to gain support. By making it difficult to get into the job, they can claim that nobody is taking the offer because anybody who can figure out how to apply is overqualified for the position.

I let it rest because clearly I was arguing with people who had no intention of listening anyway, but recently, a new episode of Colbert Report was once again advertising for them and so I feel the need to say a few things.

First: They don’t want to be found by people who will accept their offer.

They don’t advertise on job boards. So, if you spend all your time looking for a job, you won’t find them. They advertised on a comedy news show, which means if you don’t have TV or high speed internet you won’t find them. Odds are if you have either of those, you -probably- have a better job than what they offer.

Who are they targeting with this message? Politicians, the rich, and opinionated ‘normal’ people who have secure jobs and an outside looking in view of the world. They want to drum up the support of people who want to influence other people based on their own beliefs regardless of their own understanding of the situation, or lack thereof.

Second: They use fear and lots of it.

One of the loudest arguments I hear from supporters is “Do you want fruits and vegetables to sell for 10-20 dollars each?” Clearly if they are paying more for their farm work to hire real honest legal Americans and had to pay at least minimum wage they would be forced to raise prices to compensate.

Did you know farmers are tax exempt? Its not a very secret fact, but you would be surprised how many people don’t actually know that. Not only do farmers not get half their money gouged out by taxes but they regularly receive governmental pay to grow or to not grow certain plants.

Can you think of any other business that not only doesn’t get taxed, but also is paid to do or not do their job by the government?

Dirt cheap labor, no taxes, bonus cash from the government, farming is unbelievably lucrative if you own enough good land. If you are just starting out as a farm owner, you will probably have more trouble as you try to settle in and earn enough to pay off the land and resource costs.

If they paid full price for labor, one of two things would really happen. Either they would raise the price a little bit, but not much as they still need to make sales, or two, they will go out and actually buy large farm equipment so one person can do the work of 20 and actually save more money in the long run.

I’ve worked at Tractor Supply Co. There are ride-on machines for planting, tilling, and harvesting. The only reason farms choose underpaid migrants over those tools is due to the upfront cost of buying them.

Finally, they feed off of ignorance and circular logic.

If I ever dare to complain that I lost my job or can’t find work because of the vast number of migrant workers taking up jobs in my area, I am told that I should find a job that they can’t take away.

Then in response to desire to get rid of illegal immigrants, we are told that they should be allowed to stay because they do the jobs that legal Americans won’t do.

Hold on a second, do you see what they did there? They tell Americans to avoid those jobs because they can’t compete with illegals, then say illegals should stay because Americans don’t want the jobs anymore.

I’ve been called ignorant and stupid by people sitting in their cubical chatting on the web while they were supposed to be working, so I guess having first hand experience in most of the situation invalidates my opinion or something.

Who knows more about farm work and the illegal takeover of labor jobs? Somebody who heard about it online, or somebody who worked directly with farmers? If I watch the news about the war, does it make me a better expert on the war than a soldier just returning?

No, it doesn’t. And this is what bothers me the most. Too many people out there know nothing but what their own bias news network tells them to know, then they think they know the situation better than those who are actually in the situation.

Wake up people, don’t watch one station, watch them all, including Fox. Nobody is perfect, which also means nobody is completely wrong all the time, even an idiot can accidentally be right once in a while. Every news station on the air is bias in some way, so you have to listen to them all to find the truth.

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