Update pattern

I’ve been trying to come up with a pattern that works best for updating. I had a good stretch before tiredness from the bedbugs stopped me. Then thinking about it; while i hadn’t missed an update for months, I had only posted Alicia comics to the entire site, which is about a little more than a single comic.

Thinking more about it; I find that I really am not the kind of person who goes onto one project with an indefinite length and doesn’t deviate from it. To this end, I have decided to switch to a schedule for site updates rather than a schedule for updating one thing on the site.

This will however take me a short time to get into as I’ve never been good about making a buffer; I like to post what I make as soon as I make it, rather than keeping a long enough buffer to prevent me from falling behind when I’m not feeling well. When I do have the buffer built up, I will be posting on a Mon-Wed-Fri schedule, in the meantime, I will post some of the things I make randomly until the buffer is built up.

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